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Dublin 8 as our main point of focus is an area of Dublin filled with history. Thomas Street is a centre for not only NCAD students but also sees tourists visiting the Guinness Brewery and Locals on walks and getting the groceries they need. It is a place that sees a lot of Diversity and has seen Diversity since the development of the City.


The Map at the centre of the project.

To connect the area and to interact with the area-specific, we chose specific questions that would allow us to get close with people and with elements of the area. The project revolves around 2 specific questions: Who is the white lady? What do you need?

Two open-ended questions that either try to connect us to the area or to the people that pass through the busy areas of Dublin 8.

The location of the project is important because not only is it a centre of life and a centre of art, with the National College of Art and Design ( NCAD) in the middle, it is a location that is worthy to be discussed about and that can easily be overlooked. 

Our project of interviewing Locals and non Locals and getting their opinion is an ephemeral action, that will forever be documented on this website. With this action of recording these voices, we want to show that these are the heart of what an area is. The people and their relationship to an area. We hope that this project will make you like and appreciate the area around Thomas street, the same way we love interacting with it.

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