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About Us

Welcome to Project CUR8! We are a group of MFA Fine Art Post-Graduates studying at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland. Learn more about our Project team here.

The Artists

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Simon Behan Moezee

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Moezee's art practice usually consists of paintings, drawings and sometimes performative work involving photography or video pieces. His journey through the academic art world initially began in secondary school where he first started taking drawing seriously as a hobby. His approach to paintings saw some experimentation along the way and during the early days but he began to find an approach during my final year which he felt worked for him. Drawings are still somewhat a part of his practice, however his focus has now primarily shifted to continue exploring his approach to the craft of painting for the time being.

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Anna Peters

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Peter's work to date is currently looking at the theme of Human Perception and Perception versus Reality. Through the use of prints, paintings and sculptures Peters aims to indulge the observer into a state of mind where they too might feel confused and unnerved, struggling to make sense of what is right in front of them.


Beatrice O'Connell

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Beatrice O’Connell is from Dublin. She has worked as an artist since 1996 with numerous exhibitions both here and abroad.

The spectre of climate change looms in my work, specifically the lost connection with nature in a highly technologically mediated society.  The work incorporates ecological dilemmas into its meaning. The representations are of creatures and landscapes in flux. A trace element of human presence is ever palpable.

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John O'Kane

    John O’Kane is a Sligo based artist whose work is of a cultural, political and environmental nature. His work is often experimental using a range of materials, styles and methods to encapsulate a theme or story brought to life by image and process.


    Much of his sculptural work is created from recycled or found materials and objects repurposed to unlock memories and stories
    forgotten but lying dormant within. He works with a wide range of mixed media and often has a playful approach to his sculpture, unlocking and transforming materials to reveal a hidden history and meaning.


    Jinny Ly

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    Jinny Ly is a Teochew-American textile artist, currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, she spent most of her time in Oakland’s Chinatown where her refugee family and other Boat People planted roots after fleeing post-Vietnam War. For Jinny, working with textiles transcends time -- allowing her to connect with her ancestors, their stories, inspiration, and insight -- whilst exploring the individual and collective identity of the Teochew refugee community.

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    Zuzanna Przybyla

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    An artist also known under the pseudonym Sue Ostemo comes from Poland. She is studying painting at Fine Art Academy in Gdańsk. She paints with oils, acrylic and tempere paints. 

    In Ostemo’s artworks she tries to see the unusualness of everyday situations. Currently she is focusing on carnality

    by examining her own body. When Zuzanna creates, she tries to reduce waste and chooses environmentally sustainable products.


    Justine Rainer

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    Justine is a French-Austrian visual artist currently based in Dublin, Ireland. She uses her background in Drawing, Photography and Lithography to investigate the relationship of human interaction with our close environment, focusing on quotidian materials to invoke our spatial awareness through the creation of fragmented assemblages and direct interaction with the space.After completing her bachelor of visual arts with distinction at the Académie Royale des Beaux-arts of Brussels, Belgium, she is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts at the National College of Arts and Design in Dublin, Ireland.

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    Ava Downey

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    Ava Marie Downey is an Irish artist born in Kilkenny. She has a BA in Fine Art Painting from NCAD and is currently enrolled in NCAD completing a Masters in Fine Art.

    Downey’s work explores topics of domesticity and the uncanny through the mediums of paint , photography, installation, print and sculpture, Downey’s work presents domestic violence and coercive control from a personal and female perspective.

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