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The CUR8D8 Project is developed on different courses of action. Interviews and collection of community responses on the area of Thomas Street and the performance aspect through the use of a sandwich board displaying the questions and as part of the advertisement for the project. The documentation of the project and recording of responses on the questions: Who is the white lady?  then collected and uploaded. These responses then used for the final outcome of posters and fliers created to represent the areas opinions on these questions and opening further questions on the subject of the White Lady.

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Project Cur8.D8 


Project team members consists of the following 2nd year MFA Fine Art students from NCAD:

  • Anna

  • Ava

  • Beatrice

  • Jenny

  • John

  • Justine

  • Simon

  • Zuzanna


Mission Statement:

Currently our plan bases itself around the area of the Liberties (Dublin 8) and the community of NCAD within the Liberties. We would like to engage both the locals and the students and want to interview/engage people in the area regarding the identity of the White Lady and who she is to the Liberties.



Currently these goals/objectives may change as we shift/narrow our focus:


  • Project Zone: Thomas St. area around NCAD

  • Timeline : see timeline in Master Plan

  • Marketing : will happen in person and online, data to be collected/tracked to understand who's is talking to us

  • Venue: Online and physical (Dublin 8)

  • Funding: local businesses, creative groups, non-profits, government organisations 



  • Launch Date: January 7th, 2022

  • Major deliverables: see deliverables/outcomes for now. Once dates are solidified, this section will be updated.



Current deliverables in the project pipeline include the following:

  • Sandwich board performance

  • Live online archiving of generated material, photos, and art

  • Social Media Presence

    • Website

    • Instagram

  • Interview transcriptions and audio files accessibility

  • Ephemeral posters/fliers

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